Who are we

Positive Touch was formed to support the RSCH SCBU Babies and their families.
Babies and their families who have spent time at SCBU can use our Facebook page as a support network for all their issues, woes and mile stones that only SCBU graduates and their parents will understand.
So please feel free to post any questions that you feel need answering. You will be surprised how many families have gone or are going through the same thing you are and who will be more than happy to help!


Stuff we do

Fundraising and monthly coffee mornings and annual summer and Christmas parties

  • Monthly coffee

  • Fund raising

  • Summer party

  • Christmas party


Our privacy policy

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Responsibility for Data Protection: Positive Touch Trustees Responsibility for Document: Diane Freeman
Approved by Trustees on: 21st May 2018
Review: May 2020

  1. About this policy
    1. This policy explains when and why we collect personal information about our Trustees, Volunteers, Service Users (Families), Donors and Supporters, how we use it and how we keep it secure and your rights in relation to it.
    2. We may collect, use and store your personal data, as described in the Data Protection Policy and as described when we collect data from you.
    3. We reserve the right to amend this Data Protection Policy from time to time without prior notice. Amendments will not be made retrospectively.
    4. We will always comply will the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when dealing with your personal data. Further details on the GDPR can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner ( www.ico.gov.uk). For the purposes of the GDPR, we will be the ‘controller’ of all the personal data we hold about you.
  2. Who we are
    1. We are Positive Touch. We can be contacted through the charity administrator by email admin@positive-touch.co.uk
  3. What information we collect and why
    Type of information Purpose Legal basis for processing
    Trustees title, name, address, telephone number(s), email address(es), start and end date. Overall management of Positive Touch as a Charity. For the purpose of Positive Touch’s legitimate interests.
    Volunteers title, name, address, telephone number(s), email address(es) Routine management of Positive Touch as a Charity. For the purpose of Positive Touch’s legitimate interests.
    Service users name, telephone number(s), email address(es) Maintaining Positive Touch’s communication with Service users. Maintaining Health & Safety at Positive Touch Coffee Mornings/events. For the purpose of Positive Touch’s legitimate interests.
    Donors and Supporters title, name, address, telephone number(s), email address(es) For recording charitable income and enabling communication with donors. For the legal obligation of maintaining Positive Touch’s financial records and gaining charitable recognition.
    For the purpose of Positive Touch’s legitimate interests of maintaining contact with supporters of the Charity.
    Articles for publication, photographs and videos of Trustees, Volunteers, Service Users, Donors and Supporters. For use in Positive Touch’s publicity and promotional material through various print and digital media. The data subject’s or their parent/ legal guardian’s consent.
    Consent will be sought at the earliest possible opportunity. Consent can be withdrawn by the data subject or their parent/ legal guardian at any time by contacting us by email or letter.
  4. Personal data protection
    1. We will not knowingly store your personal data outside the EEA
    2. We utilise widely accepted implementations of technology and operational security in order to protect personal data from loss, misuse, or unauthorised access, alteration or destruction.
    3. Please note however that while we will endeavour to protect your personal data appropriately, security can never be 100% guaranteed.
    4. We will notify you as soon as practicable in the event of any breach of your personal data which might expose you to risk.
  5. Third parties
    1. We will never sell your personal data. We will not share your personal data with any third party without your consent (which you are free to withhold) except if required to do so by law, as set out in the table above or in paragraph 5.b below.
    2. We may pass your personal data to third parties who are service providers, agents and subcontractors to us for the purpose of completing tasks and providing services to you on our behalf (email marketing service – currently mailchimp, cloud storage, accounting) However, we would only disclose the personal data that is necessary for the third party to deliver the service and we will have a contract in place that requires them to keep your personal information secure and not to use it for their own purposes.
  6. Data retention
    1. We will hold your personal data on our systems for as long as you are associated with Positive Touch and for as long afterwards as is necessary to comply with our legal obligations. We will review our personal data every year to establish whether we are still entitled to process it. If we decide that we are not entitled to do so, we will stop processing your personal data. We will retain your personal data in an archived form in order to comply with future legal obligations, e.g. compliance with gaining charitable recognition.
    2. We securely destroy all information once we have used it and no longer need it.
  7. Your rights
    1. You have the right under the GDPR:
      1. To access your personal data;
      2. To be provided with information about how your personal data is processed:
      3. To have your personal data corrected;
      4. To have your personal data erased in certain circumstances;
      5. To object to or restrict how your personal data is processed;
      6. To have your personal data transferred to yourself or to another business in certain circumstances.
    2. You have the right to take any complaints about how we process your personal data to the Information Commissioner:

      0303 123 1113

      Information Commissioners Office Wycliffe House
      Water Lane
      Cheshire SK9 5AF

      For more information, questions or comments please contact: